Getting Started
Why can't I pass the test, although I answer all the questions correctly?
Because a mistake creeped in your answers. The testing is definitely working correctly — we check that regularly. Besides, hundreds of Freelancers complete it succesfully. Reread all the questions carefully and check your answers.

P.S. – Support has no right to give you hints about where you are mistaken and how can you pass the testing. We ask for you understanding and forgiveness :)
What is a Freelancer's subscription?
Freelancer's subscription is a possibility to get new Tasks at Insolvo website. Without a paid subscription you can only see the list of new Tasks, but you can't take any Task. Options of prices and duration for the subscription are stated at the Freelancer's Settings page. You can also pay for the selected option there.
How do I get my first Task?
Experience has proven that in order to start succesfully at Insolvo, it is worth to follow these recommendations:
  • fast response to the Task – it is very important in the beginning. Prepare in advance one or several choices of bids that you have to write when you agree to the Task. It is a lot faster and easier to edit an existing template;
  • properly composed Task bid – try to appeal to the Buyer: demonstrate them that you are well-versed in the current area, suggest a minimum solution plan, tell briefly why do you think that you are the one who can handle the task excellently and that the Buyer should pick you exactly;
  • profile setup – verify your account, Buyers trust verified Freelancers more;
  • communication – a very important aspect that influence selection of the Freelancer even more that rating does. It's always more pleasant to work with a person who is comfortable to speak to.
And of course we highly recommend to avoid breaking the Rules
Where can I see my rating?
You can see your rating at the Profile page, where you can also find all your reviews.
What does Freelancer's rating affect?
Freelancer's rating affects your chances to get a Task. When selecting candidates, the system gives priority to Freelancers with high rating, which guarantees high-quality Task results. If your rating is low, you still have chances to get a Task, but they will decrease with each badly completed Task.
How is the Freelancer's rating calculated?
Freelancer's rating depends on the costs of the completed Task and results of work (was the task paid for or was it closed with Mutual Cancellation/Dispute) and is calculated for 6 months of work. The quantity of given Tasks directly depends on the Freelancer's rating.
How can I see my reviews?
All the reviews can be seen at the Profile page.
Website commission
Website commission is 10% and it is deducted from the Task price set by the Buyer when transferring the payment to the Freelancer.
Are there any age restrictions?
Insolvo website is available only to individuals who are at least 16 years old, unless your local laws and regulations suggest otherwise
Working with Tasks
What to do after the Task is completed?
Go to your Task page, click the "Task Actions" button and find the "For Review" button at the side panel. Attach the files with your work's results or write where can they be found. The Buyer will be notified that the Task is completed and will check it.
Can I receive email notifications about new Tasks that I can send bids to?
Yes. To do so, you have to go to your Profile > Settings > Notifications and tick the option "Get email about new tasks".
How can I leave a review about my work with the Buyer?
You can leave a review when the Task is being approved by the Buyer.
What should I do if the Buyer doesn't confirm Task completion?
If you have completed a Task in time and have met all the requirements, you can remain calm. You'll get your fee, since this money has been reserved at the Buyer's balance. For starters, try contacting the Buyer in the Task chat and find out, why has the delay occurred. If the Buyer if offline, your message will be delivered to their email. If you won't be able to obtain result checking for a long time, you can send the Task to the Dispute Department.
Resolution of Disputes
What is a Dispute?
The Task can be sent to Disputes if the Buyer and the Freelancer can't come to an arrangement. In that case, Insolvo team will decide a Dispute and will allot the funds accordingly. The Task can be sent to Disputes both by the Buyer and the Freelancer. If you stall the time for Task completion, don't get in touch with the Buyer when the time for the Task is out and no results provided, express dissent with Task conditions after taking it (regarding the price, time allotted, scope of work) – in all these cases the Dispute will be solved in the Buyer's favor and your rating will be decreased.
How do I send the Task to Disputes?
To do this, go to the Task page, click Task Actions and click the "Send to Disputes" button on the side panel. State a funds distribution that would be fair in your opinion and the reason for sending the Task to Disputes.
Haven't found the answer to your question?
Haven't found the answer to your question?