General Rules
Tasks not allowed at the website
It is not allowed to post and complete following types of Tasks:

  • Tasks that violate current legislation (hacking accounts, forgery of documents, use or copying objects of copyright etc.);
  • Tasks that assume future payouts outside of the website;
  • Tasks that are related to financial operations and money transfers between different systems (e.g. "I send you $200 here, and you send me $150 on Webmoney") or requesting bank card details, ewallets and other payment details;
  • Tasks that involve harm to a third party (writing negative reviews, disrupting the work of third-party services, etc.);
  • Tasks regarding buying or renting previously created social media accounts.
Users who post or accept to work for such tasks will be banned without prior notification.
Multiple accounts
It is forbidden for one person to have multiple accounts on the website. Violation of this rule will lead to ban for all discovered accounts.
User name
You are required to state a real name.
Before you press OK
Pay attention to system notifications. It is assumed that you have read and understood everything before confirming your actions.
Communications in the Chat
To guarantee protection in case any disagreements arise between the Buyer and the Freelancer, it is required to discuss Tasks and send files using the website's Chat. In case of a dispute, we will use your Chat history and uploaded files to make a decision.
Sending spam messages as well as any links to the third party services are strictly prohibited and will lead to the immediate account ban.
Exchanging contacts
Contact details exchange is forbidden before the Task receives "In progress" status and after the Task is completed
Respect other users
Rudeness, offensive language and insults in Chat or Task descriptions are strictly forbidden. Users who violate this rule will be banned from the website.

Posting illegal content
It is not allowed to post or upload to the website any content that is illegal, infringes copyright or is of offensive nature.
Offers to pay outside of the system
Any offers to make payments outside of the Insolvo system, as well as the absence of a clear refusal of such an offer, will result in account block.
Driving up Rating
It is not allowed to create Tasks that do not imply completion of a specific work by the selected Freelancer with a following payment and without a factual review. Discovery of such Tasks leads to a ban for both users.
Time for review of claims
All the claims regarding any operations on the website are reviewed within 14 calendar days since the moment of such transaction or operation occurrence.
Rules for Buyers
Contact information in Task description
It is not allowed to include contact information in Task description.
Requirements that had not been stated before the Freelancer was hired
When composing Task description, it is required to mention all the major requirements to avoid misunderstanding after the Task has been completed by the Freelancer. The Freelancer doesn't have to meet requirements that were not stated and discussed before hire.
It is not allowed to demand results from the Freelancer before the time set in Task description or specified in the discussion with the Freelancer expires.

The countdown of time allotted for Task completion starts at the moment the Task status is changed to "In progress".

If the Freelancer is unable to meet the deadline, the Buyer can move the task to Disputes, and the dispute will be resolved in their favor.

(Claims regarding deadlines are only considered if the work has not been received from the Freelancer prior to applying to Disputes.)

Deadline to check the Task
The Task marked by the Freelancer as completed, should be checked within 24 hours from the moment it has been sent for review. If the Task hasn't been checked for a long time, the Freelancer has the right to send it to Disputes. If the Task hasn't been checked for 28 calendar days, the Dispute Department can transfer 100% of the Task price to the Freelancer.
Terms set by the Disputes Department
You must answer questions from our Support staff and review Tasks within the set timeframe. Once the term set by the Support staff expires, the decision will be made without your participation.
Rules for Freelancers
You have to meet deadlines described in the Task. Otherwise, the Buyer has the right to send the Task to Disputes and the Dispute will be solved in their favor.
Notifying the Buyer that the Task is completed.
You should only notify the Buyer about finishing the work and completing the Task with the help of "Send for Review" function.
Calculation of the Rating
The Rating changes after each closed Task and only Tasks completed for the past 6 months are taken into account. The Rating depends on the Task price and the result. If the Buyer has confirmed Task results and paid for the Task, your Rating increases. If you failed, the Task has been sent to Disputes and it was solved in the Buyer's favor, your Rating will be decreased. As a result, the higher the Task price is and the more Tasks you complete successfully, the higher your Rating is.
High amount of successfully completed Tasks and positive Communication Assessments keep your reputation at a high level on the website and, as a result, provide you with a stable flow of new and interesting Tasks.
The increase in the number of Disputes, cancellation of Tasks and negative Communication Assessments downgrade your reputation and can eventually lead to your account being blocked.
Offering to change the Task price after accepting it
Offering to change the Task price after accepting it is unacceptable if you have agreed to a Task with a set price, or the Buyer has already agreed to the price you suggested for the Tasks without a previously defined price. Your agreement implies that you are ready to complete the Task for the stated price.
If you agree and refuse afterwards, the Task will be sent to Disputes and your Rating will be decreased.

Asking for upfront payment for the Task
It is not allowed to ask for upfront payment for the forthcoming work or before you provide the final results of your work. The payment is conducted only for the provided results.
Unintelligible Tasks and reduced time limits for the completion
Inaccurate Task description or reduced time given for completion are not regarded as an excuse for you not completing the Task, because you have agreed for the Task as it is.

If the Task hasn't been decribed clearly enough or it is impossible to complete it withing the set time limit, you should cancel it and state a reason for your decision.

The Task has been completed, but not reviewed by the Buyer
If the Task has been completed, but not reviewed by the Buyer for longer than 28 days, the Freelancer can send it to Disputes.
Resubmission to the Disputes
If the Dispute Department has sent the Task back to work, you can resubmit the Task not sooner than in 24 hours. If the Dispute Department has set an exact time, you can not resubmit your Task sooner than prescribed.
Offering your services
It is not allowed to write to the Buyer in the Chat and offer your services if they are not directly relevant to the posted Task. It if also forbidden to do so after the Task completion.
Website fee
The website fee is 10% and is deducted from the Task price set by the Buyer when transfering the payment to the Freelancer.
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Haven't found the answer to your question?