1. Terms and Definitions Used in the Agreement

Mobile Application — is a software developed for mobile devices running Android and Apple iOS operating systems, where the Website functionality is implemented either partially or completely.

Administration — employees, as well as persons duly invested with at least one of the following authorities: monitor Website operation; make any administrative and organizational decisions with respect to the Website; provide services to users as part of the Website use by the latter.

Company - Insolvo Limited NO. 5, 17/F, Strand 50, 50 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Services — a set of computer programs, databases ensuring Website functioning, as well as the set of Services provided to Users in the course of Website usage.

Visitor — any individual using the Website.

User — a visitor who completed the registration procedure either on the Website.

Buyer — a User who posted a Job on the Website, in accordance with Website Rules.

Freelancer — a User approved by a Buyer to complete a Job.

User Login Data — e-mail address (login) and password used to log in to the Account, as specified by the User at the time of registration on the Website.

Job — an invitation to complete a certain Task posted by the Buyer on the Website with a goal of finding a Freelancer.

Account — User's personal page on the Website. Information about the User posted in the Account at their discretion may be viewed by other Website Users.

User Balance — a system of cash management on the Website based on User's financial transactions, which is located in the User Account. The total amount of money on the User's Balance at the current time is calculated as the amount of usable (Available) and reserved (Buffer) funds in accordance with the procedure for rendering Services and calculations on the Website.

Website Services — any services provided by the Website to the User under the terms of present Agreement.

Terms that are not defined in Section 1 of the Agreement may be used herein. Such terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the text of the Agreement. In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term in the text of the Agreement, the parties shall be governed by the interpretation of the term as defined by the Website, and then - as established (commonly used) on the Internet.

Personal Data (hereafter, "PD") includes any information, relating to User and indicated by them while sign in on the Site.

Payment service (money transfer operator) is an entity involved by the Website as an intermediary conducting Users' money transfers.
2. General terms
2.1. Present Agreement shall govern Website use, as well as any relationship arising from User's use of the Website, and Services.

2.2. Under present Agreement, User's acceptance and compliance with requirements and provisions defined by the following documents shall constitute an obligatory condition for access to Website Services.

2.2.1. Present Agreement and Annexes thereto;

2.2.2. Website Terms of use, which are continuously available on the Website at:;

2.3. The Administration shall have the right to forbid any User to use the Website or restrict access to the Website Services at any time, either when the User violates this Agreement or for security reasons.

2.4. The User is granted personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Website and the software provided on the Website in accordance with this Agreement, provided that neither the User nor any other individuals assisted by the User, will take any of the following actions: copy or alter Website or Services software; create programs derived from the Website and Services software; break into the software in order to obtain program codes; sell, assign, lease, transfer rights to Website materials and software to third parties in any other form; modify the Website and Services, including for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to them; and other actions similar to those listed above and violating the rights of the Website and that of the third parties.

2.5. The User is provided with the opportunity to publish information about themselves and their projects (Jobs, vacancies) using Website Services and in compliance with the terms and rules described in the documents specified in paragraph 2.2 of present Agreement.

2.6. User's Login Data constitute confidential information. Website Administration and the User undertake not to disclose User Login Data to any third parties.

2.7. Website Administration reserves the right to change terms of the Agreement and any integral parts thereof without prior agreement with the User, but upon notification of the latter by posting a new version of the Agreement or Annexes thereto on the Website. In this regard, the User undertakes to review the Agreement posted on the Website at least once a month in order to familiarize themselves with any changes in a timely manner. The new version of the Agreement and/or Annexes thereto shall come into force upon their publication on the Website, unless another effective date for such changes is determined by the Administration at the time of their publication. The current version of the Agreement and any Annexes thereto is always publicly available on the Website at:

2.8. When using the Website and its Services in any way (view Website pages, Registration, transfer of contact and personal data to the third parties, etc.), the User, expresses their full and unconditional consent (Acceptance) to the terms of present Agreement related to the use of Website, as published on the Internet at: as a public offer.

2.9. The Website is available only to individuals who are at least 16 years old, unless your local laws and regulations suggest otherwise.

3. Rights and obligations of the User
3.1. The User is not allowed to transfer their Login Data to third parties.

3.2. The User undertakes to use personal data published in the Website Database in accordance with the local laws and regulations on personal data, and any amendments made thereto during the term of the Agreement, namely:

- personal data from the Database may be used only to ensure functioning of the Website and subsequent provision of Services to the User;

- the User is not allowed to transmit to third parties any information about other Users that they received through the Website;

- if the User keeps information from the Database on paperback or electronic media, they are obliged to do so in compliance with the local laws and regulations, and any amendments made thereto during the term of the Agreement, and commits themselves to being an operator in terms of those laws and regulations;

- the User is solely responsible for any damage to other Users associated with User's failure to comply with the requirements of their local laws and regulations on personal data, and any changes made thereto during the term of the Agreement.

3.3. The User undertakes to refrain from using the Website to:

3.3.1. Upload, publish, transmit or otherwise post any information, which: contains threats, discredits, offends, defames honor and dignity or good standing, or violates the privacy of other Users or any third parties; violates the rights of minors; is vulgar or obscene, contains pornographic images and texts or sexual scenes involving minors; contains scenes of inhuman treatment of animals; contains a description of suicide means and methods, or any incitement to commit it; promotes and/or fuels racial, religious, ethnic hatred or hostility, promotes fascism or racial superiority ideology; contains extremist materials; promotes criminal activity or contains advice, instructions, or guidance to commit criminal acts, contains sensitive information, including, but not limited to, state and commercial secrets, information on the privacy of third parties; contains advertising or describes the attractiveness of drug use, including "digital drugs" (audio files affecting human brain through binaural beats), information on drug distribution, recipes for production and tips for using them; is fraudulent; violates other rights and interests of citizens and legal entities or requirements of the current legislation;

3.3.2. Violate rights of minors and/or harm them in any way;

3.3.3. Infringe rights of the minorities;

Impersonate another person or representative of the organization and/or community without sufficient rights to do so, including impersonate employees, blog or project moderators; Internet resources owners, as well as mislead them with regard to properties and characteristics of any entities or objects;

3.3.5. Upload, publish, transfer or in any other way post content that User has no right to make available under current legislation or according to any contractual relationship;

3.3.6. Upload, publish, transfer or in any other way post content that affects ownership and/or copyright and related rights of a third party;

3.3.7. Upload, publish, transfer or in any other way post materials containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs designed to disrupt, destroy or limit functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs with an aim of obtaining unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers, to commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to paid Internet resources, as well as post links to the above information;

3.3.8. Publish any form of advertising (in comments, jobs, testimonials, or messages);

3.3.9. Illegally collect or process personal data of the third parties.

3.3.10. Purposes relating to violation of the existing legislation.

3.4. The User is prohibited from creating, distributing or using any third-party software, which is directly or indirectly related to the operation of the Website and its Services and/or affecting the Website and its Services.

3.5. The User is entitled to change the password without the need to notify Website Administration.

3.6. The Insolvo Affiliate Program partner takes on an obligation not to post advertisements (including Google Ads) on brand queries containing the keywords "insolvo", "" and other derivatives containing the website name or similar to it, including the direct and indirect usage of Affiliate links in any way. By indirect usage a situation is meant, when an advertisement contains no Affiliate links, but the User, who follows this advertisement, is automatically, or with help of advertising materials, transferred or predisposed to follow the Affiliate link.

In the contrary case, Website Administration reserves the right to pause the payment of the Affiliate reward until the sources of your traffic have been checked, and deny it in case of violations.

3.7. The Insolvo Affiliate Program partner takes on an obligation not to violate the laws in force and/or the third party rules when promoting their affiliate links.

4. Website Services
4.1. To use the complete set of Website Services, the User shall undergo compulsory registration procedure on the Website.

4.2. Upon completion of the registration process, the User becomes the owner of User Login Data and bears responsibility for the security of such Login Data, as well as for any actions taken on the Website using their Login Data. The User is obliged to notify Website Administration immediately about any case of unauthorized access to the Website using their Login Data, that is, obtained by third party without the User's consent and knowledge, and/or about any violation of User's Login Data security. The User guarantees that upon termination of each session working on the Website, they will independently complete any such work under their Login Data by clicking the "Exit" button. Website Administration is not liable for any possible loss or damage to data that may occur as a result of User's breach of provisions set forth in this paragraph of the Agreement.

4.3. To start working with the Website, the User must enter their Login Data on the login page.

4.4. The Customer and the Freelancer are obliged to confirm completion of the Job with the help of Website Services.

4.5. In the absence of payment for the Job through Website Services and or in case of any claims on the part of the Customer and/or Freelancer with regard to the result of the Job completion and the amount of payment for it, the Customer or the Freelancer shall have the right to use Services to involve Website Administration in the dispute resolution. The Customer and the Freelancer undertake to comply with the terms of the Agreement on Website usage and provide the Administration only with reliable information regarding any conditions and circumstances of Job completion. When resolving the dispute, the Administration shall consider any available information from the User's correspondence on the Website, including files, links and any other materials transmitted through the Website Services in the course of this Job completion. If the Administration is involved in resolving Job-related dispute, users acknowledge the full and unconditional right of the Administration to take any necessary actions following the analysis of any available information concerning this Job. Such decision of the Administration shall be final and not subject to change or discussion. The Administration shall not be obliged to explain and disclose reasons for adopting the above decision to the Users.

4.6. Website Administration shall be entitled to use discretion to unilaterally change the cost of Services. The User shall be notified of any changes in the Services cost by posting such relevant data on the Website page where information on the cost of this Service is specified, as well as by making changes to the List of Paid Services. When the cost of Services is changed, services already paid for by the User shall be provided using the rates effective at the time of payment for respective Services.

4.7. Website Administration shall not provide invoices, acts or any other accounting documents.

4.8. Customers and Freelancers are provided with instant messaging service (chat) as part of their task cooperation. The correspondence conducted via chat cannot be considered personal. Using the chat of the Website User acknowledges and agrees that Administration may view the correspondence it contains at any moment. Administration reserves the right to allow access to User's correspondence to the third parties in cases stipulated by law.

5. Financial Transactions on the Website
5.1. Settlements between Users shall be made using software and hardware facilities of the Payment Service involved by the Website as an intermediary responsible for ensuring the required conditions for money transfers from the Client's account to that of the Freelancer. To make settlements, the User shall:

- Complete forms used for money transfer based on the guidelines specified in on-screen Payment Service forms

- Confirm selected transfer options.

5.2. Settlements between Users shall be made in the form of post-payment. To ensure compliance with the terms specified in the Task, the price of the Task determined by the Client shall be reserved on the Client's account using the Payment Service software and hardware facilities. Transfer of funds to the Freelancer's account is possible only if the Freelancer complies with the terms specified in the Task description. The total amount of transfer, it being the payment for services rendered by the Freelancer to the Client in accordance with the Task, may differ from the price specified by the Customer for the Task.

5.3. Use of the Website to perform calculations and financial transactions not directly related to the performance of a specific Task is not permitted. In the absence of the results of the Task and adequate information on the progress of the Task on the Website, all transactions related to such Task may be canceled.

5.4. The User may be charged a fee deducted from the amount of the transfer in question for money transfer services provided by the Payment Service, which the User shall pay at their own expense. Whereby:

- Information on the fee amount is available on the Payment Service on-screen forms at the time of transfer execution.

- The fee amount is specified in the Payment Service on-screen form up till the moment the User confirms the transfer. The User has the right to refuse to execute a transfer if for any reason they are not satisfied with the fee being charged.

5.5. Money transfer operators involved as the Payment Service shall be determined by the Website Administration, and may be changed based on the Administration's decision.

5.6. The User's payment for Website Services under present Agreement shall be made via cashless wire in the form of 100% advanced payment or post-payment (depending on the type of Service) using the Payment Service software and hardware facilities.

5.7. The Administration shall not be responsible for changes in User's account status resulting from any unauthorized access of any third parties to User's Login data through the User's fault.

6. Personal data
6.1. Information about the User located in their Account contains (or may contain) their personal data. Any such personal data of the User are publicly available and may be reviewed by other Website Users.

6.2. Considering that personal data are publicly available with the User's consent, when processing Users' personal data Website Administration undertakes to take any organizational and technical steps to protect any such data from unauthorized access in a way that is not provided for by the Website.

6.3. It is not excluded that as a result of Website malfunction, virus, or hacker attack, technical failure or any other circumstances, User data may become available to other users too. The User acknowledges this and agrees that they will not raise any claims against Website administration in this regard.

6.4. Hereunder, by specifying their personal data on the Website, the User gives consent to processing of such personal data (Annex 2 to this Agreement) and unconditionally agrees to:

- sharing of personal data specified by the User in the Account to an unlimited number of people using the Website;

- dissemination of personal data using the Website;

- processing of personal data by the Website Administration;

- other Website Administration actions that relate to Website functioning.

6.5. By posting their data on the Website, the User confirms that they are doing it voluntarily, and that they voluntarily submit any such data to the Website Administration for the purpose of processing. If the User does not agree with the above conditions, they shall not register on the Website or shall immediately delete their Account and use the Website only as a Visitor.

6.6. Administration only processes those personal data of the User that have been communicated to them through the Website. User's personal data shall be processed using Website hardware and software components.

6.7. The purpose of Users' personal data processing is to compile a Database of Website Users in order to ensure Website functioning and subsequent provision of Website Services to Users for fulfillment of present Agreement terms.

6.8. User's personal data shall be processed during the term of their presence on the Website Services. After the User enters personal data using the Website, such data are stored in a blocked form for the purpose of their analysis for User's fraud in relation to the third parties until the Website owner ceases to operate as a legal entity. The Administration de-personalize personal data at the User's request with a purpose to save information about the actions of the User's account.

6.9. User's personal data are processed for the purpose of Website operation and verification of User's personal data for fraud against third parties; therefore, such processing of the data by the Website does not entail any negative consequences for the User. The Administration shall not be responsible for User's personal data usage by other people.

6.10. Website Administration undertakes not to post personal data of other people on the Website or use personal data of other Users or Visitors for unlawful or illegal purposes, for gaining profit and for any other purposes not corresponding to the goal of this Website creation.

6.11. Website Administration shall be entitled to save an archival copy, as well as without prejudice to any other Agreement provisions and without User's consent transfer User's data:

- to public authorities, including inquiry and investigative authorities, and self-government authorities at their motivated request;

- based on the court order;

7. User's Responsibility
7.1. The User independently determines steps and means taken by them to keep their Login Data confidential and to ensure only authorized access to them. Website Administration shall not be liable for damages of any kind caused to the User as a result of disclosure of their Login Data to third parties, which occurred through no fault of the Administration. Any actions taken on the Website using User Login Data shall be deemed taken by such User. The User shall be solely responsible for any actions they take on the Website, as well as for any actions taken on the Website by any other people using User's Login Data.

7.2. Website Services provide the User with practical possibility of changing the password.

7.3. The User is responsible for observing third party rights (tangible and intangible) to the information transferred (granted) to the Administration or to third parties while using the Website and the Services. Users shall independently assess the legitimacy of their use of the Website and Services, including in view of the legislation of the country where they are residents.

7.4. The User and Website Administration shall not be liable for complete or partial failure to fulfill any of their responsibilities, if such failure occurs due to such circumstances as the flood, fire, earthquake, other natural disasters, war or military actions and any other force majeure circumstances that have arose upon Agreement conclusion and independent of the will of the parties to this Agreement.

7.5. If force majeure circumstances last for over 3 (three) months, any party to the Agreement is entitled to unilaterally refuse to fulfill their obligations under present Agreement (terminate the Agreement).

8. Intellectual Property
8.1. Website Intellectual Property:

8.1.1. Website design and program code, its information, graphic, audio, video, photo and other content (both visible to the User and not visible unless specific actions are taken, either legal or not) constitute intellectual property of the Website or any other copyright holders who concluded an agreement with the Website granting it right to post said intellectual property objects on the Website or as a part thereof. Any such objects are protected in accordance with the current legislation. No intellectual property objects or the transfer of rights to them shall constitute the subject of present Agreement.

8.1.2. User's actions and/or lack thereof, which resulted in the violation of Website's rights or aimed at violating Website's rights to intellectual property objects specified in p. 8.1.1 of the Agreement, presuppose User's criminal, civil, and administrative liability under current legislation. If the User violates pp. 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 of present Agreement, Website Administration shall have the right to take actions and immediately delete User's Account from the Database without the need to fulfill p.11.7 of the Agreement.

8.2. Intellectual property of the User and third parties

8.2.1. The User shall be solely responsible for the use of rights to intellectual property objects contained in materials they post on the Website or shares with other Users, as well as in the materials stored on the Website in the User's Account, or any materials otherwise available with the use of or through the Website as a result of User's actions and/or inactivity.

8.2.2. The User guarantees to use their own resources and costs to settle any possible claims against the Website made by copyright holders and/or authors and/or freelancers or other third parties, that are related to materials specified in paragraph 8.2.1 of the Agreement. In the event of claims, lawsuits, or demands made against the Website by third parties and related to User's illegal use of intellectual property on the Website, the User undertakes to reimburse the Website for any losses that the latter incurred as a result of such violation or lodging of such claims, whereas Website Administration shall have the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally following the deletion of User's Account from the database.

8.2.3. Considering that the Website is accessible to Users, and the Administration does not guarantee that materials posted or provided by Website Users are free of third party claims, if a User or a Visitor is a holder (or their successor) of copyright to intellectual property objects, posted on the Website, and their rights are thus being violated through the use of the Website, the following procedure for settlement of third part claims applies:

- The claim containing information on intellectual property, the rights to which belong to the applicant and which is illegally used through the Website, shall be filed to the Website Administration via Email at, along with the documents confirming applicant's rights, data on the copyright holder, as well as copy of the power of attorney allowing respective actions on behalf of the copyright holder if the applicant is not a copyright holding company manager or a copyright holder themselves. In addition, the claim shall contain the address of a Website page containing data that violate rights and a complete description of the violation object (e.g., why the copyright holder prohibits sharing this information);

- Website Administration undertakes to review a duly executed claim within 5 (five) business days following the date of its receipt, and notify the applicant about the results of such review. The Administration shall have the right to request additional documents, certificates, and any other data confirming lawfulness of the claim in question. If the claim is found lawful, the Administration shall take all and any reasonable steps required to stop the violation of copyright holder's rights. In addition, by filing a claim against the Website, the User and/or Visitor declares and warrants that in the event of appearance against the Website of any third party claims (from other Users and/or Visitors), related to violation of their rights (including, consumer rights) with regard to remote/blocked information and/or data, the applicant undertakes to take all reasonable steps to settle any such claims, as well as possible disputes, including court disputes, and will fully refund Website losses, if any.

8.3. By posting on the Website intellectual property objects, to which the User is an author or a copyright holder (hereinafter - Objects), the User unconditionally agrees with the provisions of the present paragraph and allows free and non-exclusive use of said intellectual property objects by the Website for advertising/informational, and other non-commercial purposes, including in the following ways: The User grants the Website a non-exclusive right to distribute, reproduce, show publicly, and to make Objects available to the public, so that any person could out of their preference access such Objects from anywhere and at any time, including on Freelancer's Website, on Website pages in social networks, including but not limited to: Freelancer's portfolio, as part of other generalizing posts, ratings, in articles and reviews, and in any other ways that meet objectives specified in this paragraph of present Agreement. Said rights shall be granted free of charge, which means that the User shall have no right to demand remuneration from the Website for the use of Objects in the ways and/or for purposes specified herein.

9. The procedure of dispute resolution and claim settlement
9.1. If the dispute appear between the User and the Website concerning issues related to present Agreement fulfillment, the parties shall take all reasonable steps to resolve them by way of negotiations. The claim procedure of dispute resolution is mandatory. The Administration accepts and reviews only those User claims regarding Services that are filed in writing and using a procedure stipulated by present Agreement and current legislation.

9.2. All claims regarding rendered services and transactions on the Website shall be reviewed by the Administration within 14 calendar days following their performance. Absence of such claims within the specified term shall mean User's unconditional acceptance of the services and transactions.

9.3. The following claim procedure shall be applied to resolve disputes that arose between the User and the website as a result of using the Services:

- A user who believes that their rights are violated as a result of actions on the part of the Administration, shall use email to send a claim containing the nature of the demand, justification of its submission, as well as all User data to;

- The Administration is obliged to declare its viewpoint on the principal issues specified in the claim and send its response to the e-mail address that the User have indicated in the claim within 5 (five) business days following the date of claim receipt;

- The Administration shall not consider anonymous claims or complaints that prevent User identification based on information provided by them during registration, or claims that do not contain data specified in this paragraph of present Agreement.

To resolve technical issues related to determining User's fault resulting from their wrongful acts while using the Internet and the Website in particular, the Administration shall have the right to independently engage competent organizations as experts. If the User's fault is established, the latter shall reimburse the cost of examination.

10. Entry Into Effect and Validity of the Agreement
10.1. The Agreement shall come into effect immediately after the User accepts present offer. User's registration on the Website by way of filling out the registration form and consent to Agreement terms by pressing "Register" button located on the Website page with the registration form shall constitute User's unconditional acceptance of the terms of this offer.

10.2. The Agreement shall be concluded for an indefinite period and may be terminated at any time at the initiative of either party. For this purpose, the Administration shall send the User any form of notification on termination of the Agreement at the e-mail address specified during registration. Upon sending of such notice, the Agreement shall be deemed terminated. The User may terminate the Agreement by removing their Account from the Website using Website Services or by submitting an Account removal request to the Administration; any subsequent processing of personal data shall be performed according to paragraphs 6.8. - 6.11 of present Agreement.

10.3. If this Agreement is unilaterally terminated by either Party, money in the "Available" section of User's Balance on the Website shall be returned to the User within 5 (five) banking days following the receipt of written money return request from the User. The refund request shall be compiled in an arbitrary form and shall contain at least the following data:

- the number of User's wallet in one of the payment systems used for money withdrawal from the Website in accordance with paragraph 5.4 of this Agreement.

10.4. Present Agreement shall apply to Users who had registered before present Agreement was posted on the Website.

10.5. The User undertakes to review the Agreement. If the User does not agree with the terms of present Agreement, they shall immediately delete their Account from the Website; otherwise, continued use of the Website by the User shall mean their consent with the Agreement terms.

10.6. UTC +3 time is used to determine time limits for actions (lack of actions) of the either Party or third parties.

11. Special Terms
11.1. Following the date when this Agreement enters into effect, any other agreements between the Parties related to the subject matter of present Agreement or similar to it (including correspondence concerning the subject matter of the agreement sent prior to the conclusion of this Agreement) shall be terminated.

11.2. The Administration does not guarantee that the Website software contains no errors and/or computer viruses or any other code snippets. The User has the possibility to use Website software "as is" and without any guarantees from the Website.

11.3. Website Administration shall make every possible effort to ensure normal functioning of the Website, but shall not be liable for failure or improper performance of the obligations under the Agreement, and any possible losses incurred in particular due to the following:

11.3.1. Wrongful acts of Users and/or Visitors aimed at violating information security or normal functioning of the Website;

11.3.2. Website crashes, caused by code errors, computer viruses and any other code snippets in the Website software;

11.3.3. No Internet connection (failure to establish connection, disconnection, etc.) between the User's and Website's servers;

11.3.4. Special investigative activities carried out by the public and municipal authorities, as well as other organizations.

11.3.5. Establishment of public regulation (or regulation by any other organizations) over economic activities of commercial organizations on the Internet and/or imposing by such entities of one-time restrictions that make it difficult or impossible to fulfill the Agreement;

11.3.6. Any other cases related to actions (lack of actions) on the part of the Users and/or other entities aimed at worsening the overall situation and using the Internet and/or computer equipment that existed at the time of Agreement conclusion, as well as any other actions targeted at the Website and third parties;

11.3.7. Performance of works listed in paragraphs 11.4 and 11.5 of the Agreement.

11.4. The Administration shall have the right to conduct preventive works with the Website software and hardware complex, which presupposes temporary suspension of Website functioning that occurs at night, if possible, and maximally short time of Website disability. If technically possible, the User shall be notified of any such works.

11.5. In case of force majeure circumstances, as well as accidents or crashes of software and hardware complexes that belong to third parties cooperating with the Website, or third party actions (lack of actions) aimed at suspending or disabling Website functioning, Website operation may be suspended without prior notification to the User.

11.6. Website Administration shall not be responsible for User's actions on the Website, any labor relations arising between Users on the Website, as well as Users' tax liabilities that may arise as a consequence of their actions on the Website.

11.7. Website Administration has no labor relations with Users completing jobs on the Website, and, therefore, bears no responsibility for results of their activities.

11.8. Website Administration has no contractual relations with Users posting jobs on the Website, and, therefore, does not guarantee their completion and does not bears any responsibility for results of their activities.

11.9. Website Administration is not liable for losses caused to the User as a result of communication of false information to other Users and actions (lack of actions) on the part of another User. The Administration does not guarantee accuracy and completeness of the information contained in User Accounts.

11.10. If the User violates terms of the Agreement and that of any other documents specified in paragraph 2.2 hereof, the Administration may take the following steps in any order with respect to the User, depending on the situation:

- send a warning to the User with a list of violations;

- send a repeated warning to the User with a list of violations;

- unilaterally block User's access to their Account and cancel any current Jobs of the User using discretion to determine the amount of User's remuneration for any such Job. The amount of money in the "Available" section of User's Balance on the Website available at the time of Agreement termination at the User's written request shall be returned to the User in accordance with paragraph 10.3 of present Agreement. If any such violations caused damage to third parties, responsibility for them lies entirely with the User.

Consent to Personal Data Processing
By registering on the Website, the User gives consent to their personal data processing (hereinafter - Consent), which is an Annex to the User Agreement. Confirmation of User's agreement with all Agreement paragraphs and its Annexes that include present Consent constitutes acceptance of the User Agreement offer. The User agrees to their personal data processing (hereinafter - PD) on the following terms:

1. The Website processes any PD submitted by the User through Website Services, including surname, first name, date of birth, User photo, phone number, email address, city, country of residence, online wallet data.

2. The purpose of Users' PD processing is to compile a Database of Website Users in order to ensure Website functioning and subsequent provision of Website Services to Users with an aim of fulfillment of present Agreement terms.

3. Personal data are processed both with and without the use of automated means.

4. In the course of personal data processing, the following activities (transactions) may take place: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, detailing (update, modification), retrieval, use, depersonalization, blocking, removal, and destruction.

5. Personal data are processed prior to Website termination.

6. If the User cancels their consent to personal data processing, the Website shall be entitled to continue processing of such data without the User's consent provided the grounds for this exist.

7. Present Consent shall be effective at all times and until data processing termination under pp. 5 and 6 of this Consent.

Privacy Policy
Personal data Privacy Policy (hereinafter - the Policy) applies to any information that the Website Administration may obtain about the User in the course of their use of the Website, as well as during performance by the Website Administration of any agreements or contracts with the User.
1. Basic terms
1.1. Website – website located on the Internet network at

1.2. User – a person who duly registered on the website and submitted their personal data using the Contact form on the Website with an aim of its subsequent transfer to Website Administration.

1.3. Contact Form
– a form where the User submits their personal information with an aim of its transfer to Website Administration.

2. General terms
2.1. Present Privacy Policy shall constitute an official standard document of the Website Administration and establish Website Administration obligations with regard to non-disclosing and ensuring protection of personal data, which the User submits when using the Website.

2.2. Present Privacy Policy aims at ensuring adequate protection of information about the User, including their personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure.

2.3. Any relations associated with the collection, storage, distribution, and protection of information about the users, shall be governed by present Privacy Policy and current legislation.

2.4. The current version of The Privacy Policy is a public document elaborated by the Website Administration and available to any Internet user after they click "Privacy Policy" hypertext link:

2.5. The Privacy Policy is strictly enforced by all employees of the Site.

2.6. Use of the Website, as well as its separate functions, means User's unconditional consent to present Policy and terms of personal data processing specified herein; if the User disagrees with these terms, they shall refrain from using the Website.

2.7. Present Policy only applies to information being processed in the course of Website usage. Website Administration does not control or bear any responsibility for data processing by third party websites that the User may visit by following links available on the Website.

2.8. Website Administration does not verify accuracy of personal data submitted by the User, and does not have the ability to assess its validity. However, Website Administration assumes that the user provides only accurate and sufficient personal data and keeps them up to date.

3. The terms and purpose of User's personal data collection and processing
3.1. Website Administration collects and stores only those personal data that are necessary to provide full or partial functionality of the Website or fulfill agreements and contracts with the User, except in cases when the legislation provides for mandatory storage of personal data within the period established by law.

3.2. Website Administration may collect and process the following data with the consent of the User: first name, last name, profile picture, date of birth, city and country, e-mail, telephone, e-wallets, IP, and cookies.

3.3. Website Administration processes User's personal data in order to provide access to Website functionality and fulfill the terms of User Agreement.

3.4. Personal data shall be processed based on the following principles:

3.4.1. The legality of purposes and methods of personal data processing, and good faith;

3.4.2. Correspondence of processing purposes to the goals that were established at the time of collection of such personal data;

3.4.3. Conformance of the volume and nature of personal data being processed to the methods and purposes of personal data processing;

3.4.4. Inadmissibility of aggregation of databases containing personal data that were created for incompatible purposes.

3.4.5. Preventing of combining databases containing Personal data, being processed for incompatible purposes.

In the cases established by the current legislation, the Administration of the Site has the right to transfer personal data of Users.

4. Processing Terms
4.1. User's personal data are processed without any time limits, in any legal way, including with the help of personal data information systems with or without the use of automation means.

4.2. In respect of the User's personal data, their confidentiality is preserved, except for cases when the User voluntarily provides information about themselves for the public access of unlimited number of people. When using certain Website features, the User agrees that a certain part of their personal data becomes publicly available.

4.3. User's personal data shall not be forwarded to any third parties, except as expressly set forth by paragraph 4.2 of present Privacy Policy.
5. Rights of the Data Subjects. Personal data modification and removal
5.1. The User has a right at any time change (update, supplement) their submitted personal data or part thereof using the function of personal data editing in the personal section of the Website or by sending a corresponding request to the email, indicated on the page of the site "Contacts":

5.2. User's personal data shall be destroyed based on the User's request or at Website Administration's initiative, if it does not contradict the current legislation, by way of deletion by the Website Administration of the information submitted by the User and without explanation of the reasons for such removal.

5.3. A request for personal data change (update, supplementation, or removal) submitted by the User, should contain the following information:

- email address the User specified at the time of registration on the Website;

- the date of User's registration on the Website;

- text of the request (in any form).

5.4. Website Administration undertakes to review the request and respond to it within 14 calendar days from the moment of such request receipt.

5.5. Any correspondence received by the Website Administration from the User shall constitute restricted access information, and shall not be subject to disclosure without User's written consent. Personal data and any other information about the User who submitted the request shall not be used without User's specific consent, except as to send a response on the topic of the received request, as expressly provided for by the legislation.

6. Personal data processing using cookies
6.1. Cookie files transmitted to Website Administration by the User's technical device may be used to provide the User with personalized Website features, for statistical and research purposes, and for Website improvement.

6.2. The Website uses cookie files to improve the quality of the service. Cookies are used to obtain information about the way the User visits the Website, pages they view, as well as other actions that the User performs on the Website. The said data are needed to simplify Website navigation by the User.

6.3. User's data obtained from the use of cookies shall remain anonymous.
7. Steps taken to protect User's personal Data
7.1. Website Administration shall take the required and sufficient organizational and technical steps to protect User's personal data from unlawful and accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from any other unlawful actions made by third parties.
8. Changes to the Privacy Policy
8.1. Website Administration shall have the right to make changes to present Privacy Policy. In case of changes to the Privacy Policy, Website Administration shall notify the User by posting an updated version of the Privacy Policy on the