Getting Started
How do I post a Task?
To post a Task you need to click the "Post a Task" button in the navigation bar, or open the "Tasks" tab and click the "+New" button. Describe in detail what you require to be done. Set the price you wish to pay Freelancer for your Task. Indicate the date you wish your Task to be completed by. Make your Task description as clear as possible.
How do I communicate with candidates?
You can communicate with candidates via the Task Chat. Please note that the Task Chat is available only if you have enough funds on your Insolvo account balance to pay for your Task.
How do I select a Freelancer?
Once your Task is posted you will start receiving applications from candidates. You can find their reviews and communication assessment from other Buyers as well as their degree of suitability for your Task in their profile card to the right of the Task Chat. If after communication with a Freelancer you want him/her to complete your Task, you can appoint him/her by clicking the corresponding button. If none of the Freelancers suit you, you can reject them and new candidates that were waiting in the queue will appear. If you don't find a suitable Freelancer on our platform, you can delete your Task and request a refund.
Why can I see only three Freelancers?
If several candidates applied for your Task, our algorithm picks three candidates who are most suitable for your current Task. When calculating suitability, the algorithm considers multiple different parameters. This helps you not to waste time studying a great deal of information about all the candidates and get to work as soon as possible. Nevertheless, it is always possible to reject candidates if they are not the right fit for some reason and chat with others.
Who performs Tasks?
All the Tasks are only performed by those Freelancers who passed the compulsory test, paid the annual subscription fee, and set up their profile properly. When selecting candidates our neural network considers many parameters and calculates suitability specifically for your Task. First of all, you see those candidates who are highly suited for your Task and are ready to get started working immediately.
What do I do if none of the Freelancers have been found?
The price you have set is probably too low. Or your Task description is not clear enough. To change the price and description of your Task, you need to edit and repost it updated. If candidates don't appear after reposting, it is most likely that your Task is too difficult or too big, and you should break it into smaller sub-Tasks for different specialists.
How do I set the "correct" Task price?
Try to evaluate the difficulty of your Task and the amount of time required to complete it. While you are creating your Task, you'll be offered the most popular prices for similar Tasks. You can add to the description of your Task that price is negotiable. In this case you'll receive suggested prices from Freelancers.
You can also familiarize yourself with prices for similar Tasks on the Task examples page. To find the link to the Task examples page go to the footer of our website.
What is a Private Task and how do I create it?
If you want to post a new Task for the specific Freelancer you once worked or chatted with, go to the page of the corresponding Task (either in the Current Tasks or History tab), open the Task Chat and click the "Private Task" button that is on the right side panel.
Working with a Task
How do I approve Task completion?
If the Freelancer has sent the Task for Review, check the results carefully. In order to confirm the Task completion and pay for it, go to the Task page and click the "Task Review" button, and then the "Accept" button. Leave a review and share your impressions about working with the Freelancer.
How much time do I have to check the Freelancer's work?
If the Task has been sent For Review by the Freelancer, you should check the results within 24 hours. If the Task hasn't been checked for a long time, the Freelancer has a right to send it to the Dispute Department. If the Task hasn't been checked within 28 calendar days, the Dispute Department can transfer the total established price to the Freelancer.
If I'm unsatisfied with the results, how can I return a Task, for it to be modified?
If the Freelancer has sent the completed Task for Review, but you believe that it hasn't been completed and requires corrections, you should send the Task to further development. To do so, go to the Task page and click the "Return to Work" button.
How do I increase the time given for the Task?
Go to the Task page and click "Increase Time" button on the side panel.
What should I do if the Task hasn't been completed?
This happens rarely, but if your Task hasn't been completed at a stated time, you should send it to Disputes. The Dispute Department team will look into the case and provide a proper solution to it within the shortest time.
What should I do if I'm not satisfied with the Freelancer's quality of work?
If the work has been done poorly and the Freelancer refuses to redo it, you can send the Task to the Dispute Department. If you do accept and pay for the Task, but you are unhappy with some specific aspects of working with the Freelancer, you can write a corresponding review. This will negatively influence the chances of this Freelancer to get new Tasks in the future.
Is it possible not to publish my Task on the website's main page?
Yes, you can choose not to publish your Task. To do so, tick the "Do not post the Task details on the website" in the Approve Task Results form. If you need to delete the already published Task, find your Task in the History tab, open it, and click "Delete from list" button.
Why did my Task get into Drafts by itself?
Tasks are moved to Drafts automatically in the following cases:

  • If there were no candidates for the Task within 3 days from the moment it was posted;
  • If none of the available candidates was appointed and the Task wasn't received the "In Progress" status within 6 days from the moment it was posted.
How can I find the history of correspondence between me and the Freelancer?
In the History tab you can see your correspondence for all the Tasks, which have ever had the "Search for Freelancer" status. Keep in mind that this correspondence is kept on the website for a limited time, so we strongly recommend that you download and save the results of the work as soon as possible. It is impossible to restore them once the storage period for correspondence expires.
Where can I see the reviews received from Freelancers?
You can find the reviews about working with you received from Freelancers on the Profile\Reviews page.
Dispute Resolution
What is a Dispute?
The Task can be sent to Disputes if the Buyer and the Freelancer can't come to an agreement. In that case Insolvo team resolves the Dispute and distributes funds accordingly. The Task can be sent to Disputes both by the Buyer and the Freelancer.
How can I send the Task to the Dispute Department?
If you haven't approved the results yet, you can send your Task to Disputes. To do so, open your Task and click the "Disputes" button on the right side panel. Please indicate what you think would be a fair distribution of funds and the reason why you've sent the Task to Disputes. You can also leave a review about your work with the Freelancer (you won't have this opportunity once the Dispute is resolved).
In what cases is it allowed to send Tasks to the Dispute Department?
You can send your Tasks to Disputes if the Freelancer delays the deadline, doesn't get in touch with you after the time is up, has provided bad results or none at all, or refuses to redo the Task.
What should I write in the comments to my Dispute?
You should describe the reason why you are sending the Task to the Dispute Department as clearly as possible. This will help us to resolve your Dispute in the shortest time.
How can I leave a review about the Freelancer's work if the Task has been sent to Disputes?
You can leave a review about your work with the Freelancer when you are filing a complaint while sending the Task to Disputes. To do so, leave your comment in the textbox for reviews. Once the Dispute is resolved, your review will be published in the Freelancer's card. You won't have a possibility to leave a review once the Dispute is resolved.
What should I do after the Task has been sent to Disputes?
Until the Dispute Department team hasn't provided a solution, you can try to reach an agreement with the Freelancer in the Task Chat. Keep an eye on the chat and email notifications – our team can ask you additional questions that you need to answer in the Task Chat. You will be notified of the Dispute Department decision via email and will also get a system message on our website.
Haven't found the answer to your question?
Haven't found the answer to your question?