How do I participate in your Affiliate program?
In order to become our Affiliate:
1. Register as an ordinary user.
2. Get your affiliate link or a banner at the Affiliates tab.

Every user that have registered at Insolvo via your affiliate link will become your referals. As soon as the user you brought pays for the Task or the Freelancer commission, you receive 20% of the paid amount.
Where do I get my Affiliate materials?
All the materials for the Affiliate program are in the Affiliate materials section.
How do I use the "sub" tag?
The "sub" tag is a tool to track the quantity of referals who used your link to arrive at Insolvo from a specific source.
By using tags for different sources (for instance: email, blog) you can find out which sources provide you with the highest amount of referals.
How do I know that a referal appeared?
The statistics on the number of your referrals and Affiliate commission is available at the Statistics tab.
How do I withdraw my Affiliate comission?
You can withdraw your Affiliate comission to your PayPal wallet, just like any other funds available at your account.
Are there any limitations?
Just one. Each specific referral can bring you no more than $1000.
However, all referrals brought in by you will provide you with a lifelong payment of 20% of all payments for their tasks and one-time Freelancer commissions until they reach this limit.
You can withdraw your money any time.
Haven't found the answer to your question?
Haven't found the answer to your question?